Triple Crown Baseball welcomes Domingo Ayala to 2023 Omaha SlumpBuster

January 4, 2024

Unexplained hurdles continue to keep YouTube and social media standout Domingo Ayala from securing his spot in the big leagues, but Triple Crown Baseball understands a great opportunity and eagerly welcomes the multi-tool, all-category All-Star to two sessions of the Omaha SlumpBuster in June 2023.

Look for Domingo to handle the countdown for the Burning of the Bats fireworks moment at both SlumpBuster festivals, June 15 and June 23, at the Council Bluffs Recreation Complex.

Ayala, who burst on the baseball scene at age 2, commands respect for his game today as (approximately) a 17-year-old phenom of the highest degree, with shocking pitching and batting stats to go with these other impressive numbers:

Facebook: 330,000 followers

Twitter: 75,000 followers

YouTube: 215,000 subscribers, 40 million total views

Instagram: 250,000 followers

Ayala has performed in a variety of baseball settings over the years, from MLB clubhouses to youth fundraisers to corporate events. This will be the seventh year Domingo has displayed his wit and wondrous skillset at Triple Crown tournaments.

“Greatness is hard to define in the world of baseball, although Domingo Ayala is certainly happy to tell you how he checks all the boxes. His inspiring and amusing take on the sport is one of our highlights at Festival Night,” said Jason McCoy, SlumpBuster event director. “There’s no one better to handle the Burning of the Bats countdown, and he’ll be happy to stick around and visit with his adoring fans.”