13u and Younger: All bats must be stamped BPF 1.15. Must be a baseball bat-no restriction on weight or length as long as the bat has a "BPF 1.15." stamp.

14u: -3 weight/length ratio only. All bats must be stamped BBCOR. Wood bats allowed. Please check the tournament rules section of this event as some markets have rule variations for bats in the 14u division.

15u and Older: -3 weight/length ratio only. All bats must be stamped BBCOR. Wood bats allowed.

19u: To be considered a wood bat, a bat must be made of a single piece of wood. All other bats such as bamboo or two piece must meet the BBCOR standards and have the BBCOR stamp.

Bat rules apply to the age division you are playing in (not the age of the player or team). Penalties for illegal bats will be assessed as per the NFHS rule book.

​Effective January 1, 2021: ​After further review and in conjunction with our internal and franchise baseball operations, Triple Crown Sports will allow the use of the 2018 DeMarini CF Zen CBZ 2 ¾” (-10) bat at all TCS baseball events.  Should more information or other research merit a review of the bat in question, Triple Crown reserves the right to examine the data and modify this ruling, if necessary.

The following bats may not be used in Triple Crown Baseball events.
2015 Demarini CF7 (-5)
2015 Easton XL1 (-5)
2016 Demarini CF8 (-5)
2016 Demarini CF8 (-8)
2016 Demarini CF8 (-10)
2017 Demarini CF Zen Balanced (-5)
2017 CF Zen Balanced (-8)
*2017 CF Zen SL 2 3/4" (-10)
*2017 CF Zen Zero Dark 2 3/4" (-10)
*Custom 2017 CF Zen 2 3/4" (-10)
Custom 2017 CF Zen Balanced (-8)
Louisville Slugger Blue Meta Composite (33/30 model only)
Dirty South Kamo BB KA 8 (30/22, 31/21, 32/22, 31/23, 32/24 only)
Easton Ghost X (30/20 only - USA Baseball Marked)​

*Re-tooled models of these bats may be used. Once returned from the manufacturer, these bats will have updated model numbers and new orange end cap and stickers indicating the corrected performance standards.

*​DeMarini has concluded its youth baseball bat BPF audit and determined that these bats do not consistently pass the BPF 1.15 standard.​